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Cegedim expertise  

50 years of experience

Driven by innovation and expertise in its businesses, Cegedim's offerings are aimed at the life sciences industries, healthcare professionals, health insurance companies and all companies interested in outsourcing issues and of dematerialized exchanges.
Cegedim software solutions

A wide range of innovative offers

Cegedim offers innovative solutions and services based on a high-quality service infrastructure capable of supporting the needs of its customers and adapting to a constantly changing environment. Browse our solutions
Comprehensive range of IT solutions for any sector

We design solutions for you

Cegedim supports professionals in all sectors. Healthcare professionals, insurers, mutual insurance companies, pension funds, human resources ... in their technological projects, in a continually evolving regulatory and economic competitive environment.


Solutions for all sectors

Capitalizing on its skills in the publishing of professional software and the processing of complex information, the Group also offers solutions dedicated to its various clients interested in outsourcing and computerized exchanges.

Key figures



616 M€

2023 revenue

4 activities

Quality, strategy and commitment

Our values are founded on a permanent quest for innovation and the optimization of the quality of its products and of data to support the «business» needs of its customers’ markets.
Quality of Cegedim group

Healthcare Companies

Healthcare Insurers and Pharmaceutical Companies. Cegedim offerings support to its healthcare customers by providing databases, performing solutions to facilitate their business and medical operations.

Healthcare professionals

Doctors, Pharmacists and Paramedics. Cegedim works with healthcare professionals to propose innovative softwares, tools for optimizing pharmacy management in France and funding.

Joining Cegedim

Means accepting an invitation to chart your own course in our businesses – present in 12 countries – by drawing on your initiative, high standards and enthusiasm to contribute to our greater success. Come explore our career site and, most importantly, get in touch with our ‘Cegedim Recrut’Lab teams to open the door to your new company.

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