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Cegedim values

Integrity, Responsibility, Strong Customer-Oriented Commitment, Respect, ...

Our values are founded on a permanent quest for innovation and the optimization of the quality of its products and of data to support the «business» needs of its customers’ markets.


An agile organization

conceived to foster innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

The Cegedim Group is based on business units and companies, animated by managing entrepreneurs who are able to share and promote the technological excellence of their products in sectors with large potential for growth. Most offerings proposed are very complete lines of customer services, involving high levels of knowledge and business specializations.

The technical teams follow the products from the initial innovation to the production stage. Product development teams are fully aware of customers’ needs and of the features of the solutions they offer.


An entrepreneurial culture

resolutely focused on client satisfaction

Cegedim’s goal is to deliver the added-value that customers need at a fair price. Great responsiveness and adaptability to change are possible due to human sized teams that promote communication, the transfer of skills and sharing of experiences.

Cegedim bases its work on efficient, proactive and motivated teams, which benefit from short information circuits and rapid decision-making, and which are very adaptable to change.

By respecting these values, we ensure, together, our future success


The nature of Cegedim’s activities requires it to handle sensitive data, primarily in the healthcare companies.

Compliance is the source of Cegedim’s credibility, in particular concerning confidential customer data and commitments to anonymity. Adherence to applicable regulations and strong ethics are the core values that enable Cegedim to develop and lead its collaborators to evolve individually

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