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A dynamic growth

Cegedim pursue dynamic growth. This is a source of economic development, employment and innovation


Code of ethics

Cegedim has updated in 2017, the Code of Ethics to reaffirm the convictions and ethical principles that guide the Group. This Code sets out the principles to wich Cegedim adheres in the conduct of its businesses.

It presents the rules that all employees must follow in the exercise of their responsabilities, placing special emphasis on the integrity of all members of the Group.


GDPR | Personal data protection

General Data Protection Regulation

A single regulatory framework for real data protection applicable from May 28,2018 in all EU members states.



Cegedim is committed to social, environmental and ethical responsi​bility. This commitments is based on the fundamental principal of respect of people and to strives to minimize its ecological impact.

Cegedim Ethics charter

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General Data Protection Regulation

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Sustainability Report

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Activity Report
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Financial Overview
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137 rue d'Aguesseau
92100 Boulogne Billancourt - France
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