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Directors & members of the board


Board of Directors

The Cegedim's Board of Directors has eight directors, including one independent member and two women. During the 2017 financial year, the Board of Directors met eight times at the written notice of its Chairman, usually addressed to each of the Directors at least one week before the date of the meeting. The Board approved the financial statements and voted in particular on the Group's major orientations and strategic decisions.

  • Jean-Claude LABRUNE, Chairman
  • Laurent LABRUNE (1)
  • Aude LABRUNE (1)
  • Pierre MARUCCHI, representing FCB, SAS
  • Nicolas GIRAUD, representing GIE, GERS
  • Marcel KAHN
  • Jean-Pierre CASSAN, Independent director
  • Sandrine DEBROISE (1)
  • Béatrice SAUNIER, Independent director
(1) appointed by FCB and Jean-Claude Labrune

Audit Committee

The main missions of the Audit Committee are to examine the financial statements, to monitor the preparation process of financial information and the efficiency of the internal control systems, oversee risk management, the rules of independence and objectivity of the Auditors.

  • Marcel KAHN, Chairman
  • Aude LABRUNE
  • Pierre MARUCCHI
  • Jean-Pierre CASSAN

Appointments Committee

The main missions of the appointments Committee are to create proposals for the selection of Directors and to elaborate a plan for the succession of the Corporate Officers in the event of unplanned vacancies.

  • Jean-Claude Labrune, Chairman
  • Marcel KAHN
  • Jean-Pierre CASSAN


  • Vincent PAPAZIAN, representing Grant Thorton
  • Jean-Philippe MATHOREZ, representing MAZARS

Compensation Committee

The main missions of the Compensation Committee are to examine and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the compensation of the Cegedim Directors, the Chairman & CEO and the Deputy Managing Director, and to examine the policy of free share allocation and variable compensation.

  • Jean-Pierre CASSAN, Chairman
  • Aude LABRUNE
  • Marcel KAHN

Strategy Committee

The main missions of the Strategy Committee are to propose directions for the Company’s growth and to identify potential targets.

  • Jean-Claude LABRUNE, Chairman
  • Laurent LABRUNE

General Management

  • Jean-Claude LABRUNE, CEO
  • Pierre MARUCCHI, Managing Director
  • Laurent LABRUNE, Managing Director

  Financial Department

Jan Eryk Umiastowski
Chief Investor Relations & Chief Investment Officer
  +33(0)1 49 09 33 36


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Financial Report Half Year 2018
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