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Founded in 1969, Cegedim is a global technology and services company committed to innovation. Cegedim supplies services, technological tools, specialized software, data flow management services and databases. Its offerings are targeted notably at healthcare professionals, healthcare industries, life science companies, and health insurance companies. Cegedim employs more than 4,200 people in more than 10 countries and generated revenue from continuing activities of €457 million in 2017.

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Group News

2018 - 11 JULY


First papers published by French researchers given free access to THIN, the real-world medico-economic database managed by GERS Data

2018 - 10 JULY


Cegedim builds on its APAC presence with Valtatech partnership

2018 - 05 JULY


Docavenue, a Cegedim Group company, is recruiting over 100 new hires in France to roll out its telemedicine and video consultation platform
Financial News

2018 - 26 JULY

Consolidated revenue

Q2 2018 Revenue

2018 - 26 JULY

Consolidated revenue

Presentation of Q2 2018 Revenue

2018 - 26 APRIL

Consolidated revenue

2018 Q1 Revenue
2018 - 20 MARCH

2017 Results



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