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CEGEDIM - 2021-02-26 10:55:30 - Last 23.000 EUR  -0.43 %

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Cegedim : data, digital, and network technology experts

Cegedim is specialized in healthcare sector and B2B digital data flow management, and in business software for healthcare and insurance professionals. The Group is also active in human resources management and digitization services for all types of industries. Cegedim's businesses are grouped into divisions based on the type of customer and the service offered:

  • Health insurance, HR and e-services,
  • Healthcare professionals,
  • Corporate and others.

Cegedim Activities - Division 1 - Insurance Healthcare, HR and e-Services
Division 1

Insurance Healthcare, HR and e-Services

  •  65.8% of 2018 revenue
  • 43 million policyholders
  • 120,000 businesses connected to its dematerialization platform
  • 525,000 employees managed

This division comprises the following activities:

  • Cegedim Insurance Solutions;
  • HR;
  • Digital;
  • Cegedim e-business;
  • Cegedim Health Data;
  • And other services.

Cegedim activities - Division 2 - Healthcare Professionals
Division 2

Healthcare Professionals

  • 33.4% of 2018 revenue
  • 152,000 physicians workstations outside US
  • 271,000 pharmacists workstations,
  • 48,000 paramedics workstations

This division comprises the following activities:

  • Software for pharmacists (Smart Rx in France, Cegedim Rx in UK and Romania);
  • Software for doctors (CLM in France, INPS/Vision in UK, HDMP in Belgium, Millennium in Italy, Stacks in Spain, and Pulse in the US);
  • Telemedicine and appointments booking solutions (Docavenue in France);
  • Software for allied health professionals (RM Ingénierie in France);
  • Drug databases (Resip/ BCB Database in France).
Cegedim activities - Division 3 - Activities not allocated
Division 3

Corporate and others

  • 0.7% of 2016 revenue

This division comprises the following activities:

  • Corporate support;
  • Management of medical samples and promotional material.


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Jan Eryk Umiastowski
Chief Investor Relations & Chief Investment Officer
  +33(0)1 49 09 33 36


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