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CEGEDIM - 2024-02-22 17:35:02 - Last 16.300 EUR  -0.49 %

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JAN 25 2024FY 2023 Revenue

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MAR 27 2024FY 2023 Earnings announcement

4 operational Divisions

Cegedim Group offers a wide range of solutions and services for healthcare professionals and health sector companies (pharmaceutical firms, insurers), and for businesses in all sectors interested in outsourcing, secure hosting, and digital flow solutions.
To ensure clear and consistent financial communication, the Group presents its financial results by type of business, divided into four operational divisions:

  • Software & services
  • Flow
  • Data & marketing
  • BPO

Software & services Division

Licenses, SaaS, internet services, maintenance, integration, hosting for healthcare professionals in France, the UK, Romania, Spain, Belgium, and Italy, health insurance companies in France and the UK, and HR departments in France.

55% of Group Revenue
  • 2022 Revenue: €302.0m +3.4%
  • Recurring operating income: €(4.9)m
  • Margin: (1.6)%

Flow Division

Digitalization of processes and invoices in healthcare and other sectors in France, the UK, and Germany. Thirs party payment in France.

16% of Group Revenue
  • 2022 Revenue: €90.6m +7.5%
  • Recurring operating income: €13.1m
  • Margin: 14.4%

Data & marketing Division

European Health database and studies used by health authorities, governments, healthcare professionals, and pharma companies in France, the UK, Romania, Spain, Italy and Germany. Digital and print marketing at pharmacies in France. Digital marketing for French doctors.

19% of Group Revenue
  • 2022 Revenue: €106.9m +8.6%
  • Recurring operating income: €17.9m
  • Margin: 16.8%

BPO Division

Business process outsourcing for health insurance companies, mainly claims processing, and HR departments in France, with offshore centers in Romania and Morocco.

10% of Group Revenue
  • 2022 Revenue: 53.0m +11.9%
  • Recurring operating income: €3.0m
  • Margin: 5.6%

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