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Cegedim Health Data providing Real World Data and Evidence (RWD-E) to enable advancements in patient outcomes.

With a data history of over 24 years and more than millions of anonymized patient  records immediately accessible from our THIN (The Health Improvement Network)European database, we are the trusted partner for RWD-E and Advanced Analytics in Europe.

Driving standards across the industry, our expertise in IT solutions for HCP and in data management provides precise, ethical and actionable, fully anonymized patient data. We think outside the box to support our customers to deliver the application of data, intelligence and reason. This enables vastly improved business, society and patient outcomes. Our proprietary data is used for healthcare research and analysis by leading healthcare authorities, academics, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations.

More than 600 scientific papers have been published as a result of evidence derived from our THIN database.

Cegedim Health Data is part of the Cegedim Group an innovative Technology, Services and RWD Company specialized in the healthcare field for more than 50 years with more than 4,500 people worldwide.

Use Cases

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Infographie Longitudinal patient monitoring example - asthma disease_01.png

Our business development team


Gilles Paubert - Cegedim health Data

Gilles Paubert

Head global of Health Data

Tel: +33 6 72 00 89 69
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Shelley Jessop - Cegedim Health Data

Oscar Orri-Magdalena

VP Spain and Latam at Cegedim

Tel: +34 629 777011
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Stephanie Collin - Cegedim health Data

Stephanie Collin

Business development & partnership Director

Tel: +33 (0)6 30 92 84 79
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Estella Ozino Telmon - Cegedim health Data

Estella Ozino Telmon

European Business development

Tel: +33 (0)6 07 61 45 57
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Shelley Jessop - Cegedim Health Data

Shelley Jessop

Commercial Director – Real World Data (UK)

Tel: +44 (0)7920 590466
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António Valente - Cegedim Health Data

António Valente

Business Development Real World Data & Evidence

Tel: +351 93 2101999
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