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The recruitment process




  • Pre-selection: every application is reviewed, whether unsolicited or in response to an ad.
  • Pre-qualification: an initial telephone interview with a recruitment officer to better determine the applicant's professional goals with respect to the position to be filled.
  • Interview with a recruitment officer: is the third phase in the process and a time for one-to-one exchange. It gives us a chance to better assess applicants and understand the expectations of future employees. Generally, the applicant takes logic tests in this phase. If necessary, the applicant may also take personality and graphology tests to round out the interview process.
  • Interview with field staff member: enables the applicant’s level of technical knowledge to be evaluated, through simulation exercises, and offers an insight into how the applicant might fit in with the team.
  • Review meeting: after these interviews, an in-house review meeting is held between the human resources manager and field manager to approve the application.
  • The job offer: a letter of appointment is sent out to the applicant
  • Orientation: once the administrative formalities have been completed, the new employee is then welcomed by their new team and monitored by their manager throughout the trial period.