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Growing together

The Group wishes to mobilize its human capital to shore up the company’s performance.


An active HR policy

To this end, the Group has been conducting an active HR policy for several years in order to develop individual and group skills according to the company’s strategic projects, thus ensuring greater continuity of the company’s in-house workforce.

An inventory of employees needs

Taking an inventory of employee skills, talents and aspirations during annual performance reviews facilitates:

  • Developing individualized professional career development plans tailor-made to each employee
  • Creating the loyalty of employees often solicited in a highly competitive environment
  • Detecting requisite knowledge and putting it to use to boost the company's growth
  • Listening to expectations, specifically as regards professional mobility
  • Identifying training needs


In recognition of the fact that professional advancement is a lever for motivation and success, the Group has been carrying out an active training policy to meet the following objectives:

  • Matching skills to changes in the markets
  • Developing business expertise
  • Transferring knowledge

In accordance with the “win-win” principle, the company wants training to be an enriching experience for the employee and the Group alike. Every year, Cegedim strives to deploy all necessary resources to foster the development of its businesses and its service offers by implementing the appropriate training programs.

The Group also makes use of its exceptional in-house expertise and that of Cegedim employees, who regularly ensure their knowledge is passed on to other colleagues.

Mobility serving individual and development

Cegedim is committed to retaining employees and enhancing their careers. Regardless of whether an employee seeks advancement on their own initiative or subsequent to new employment and organizational situations, the company first draws on its “talent” pool so as to grow with its employees.

Thus, the Group has developed an in-house mobility policy to facilitate and provide coherent management of employee mobility within the Group.

Mobility has become an excellent vehicle for the individual satisfaction and the development of the knowledge-base of the company's employees.



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